World Cuisine - Cape Verde


The cachupa (or catchupa in the Creole language) is one of the most well-known dishes in Cape Verde outside its territory.

Its appearance dates back to the beginning of the century. XVII, at the time of the cultivation of corn, having been taken to the other islands during its repopulation. Until the end of the century. XX, it was the daily dish of poor families in the archipelago, both in rural and urban areas.

The basic ingredients are corn, variety of beans, pork fat, meat or fish, and sometimes vegetables, so it is said that the discovery of Brazil was important for making this dish, because the basic ingredient - corn - was brought by Portuguese navigators to the archipelago.

There are two varieties of Cachupa:

- the poor (corn and beans, sautéed in lard);

- the rich (to the previous preparation, meats - port, cow and chicken - and tuna are added). In coastal areas, tuna is practically mandatory.

Chachupa, in Cape Verde, is preferably consumed at dinner, when the family is gathered, and there are still people who eat it, braised, for breakfast (the next day), accompanied by fried egg or fried fish.

If you want to try it in the comfort of your home, another dish from "World Cuisine", here is a video on how to prepare it.

Enjoy your food.

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