Duration : 10 days

Arrival to the airport 2h before the flight. Assistance in the boarding formalities and travel to Tel Aviv, changing planes in an European city. Arrival, assistance with arrival formalities. Private transportation to the hotel. Installation and accommodation.

Breakfast at the hotel. Then travel to Jaffa (Joppa), where we can admire the Sanctuary of St. Peter, the Artists’ Quarter and the House of Simon. Continuation to Tel Aviv, where we will make a panoramic visit. Continuing along the Mediterranean coast, towards Caesarea, ancient Roman capital with its Roman theater, hippodrome, City of the Crusaders and Aqueduct. Then following to Haifa, the largest seaport in the country. Lunch. Afternoon visit and climb to Mount Carmel (where the Prophet Elijah took refuge when he was persecuted and also where the Holy Family rested when returning from Egypt), Sanctuary “Stella Maris” (monastery of the Carmelites). Celebration of the Eucharist. Panoramic of the famous Baha’i Persian gardens. At the end, continuation to St. John of Acre, ancient capital of the crusaders, and visit to the underground city and the port (visit that involves a 45 minute walk). We will cross Galilee to reach the city of Tiberias. Arrival in the late afternoon. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel and exit to Lake Tiberias. Crossing the Sea of Galilee by boat. Then visits across the Sea of Galilee, the stage and scene of the public life of Jesus, until arriving at Capernaum, the “City of Jesus” (where his home was and where he always returned), where we will admire the remains of the old synagogue from the IV century and the House of Peter. We will continue to Tabgha - the place of the multiplication of bread and fish - to admire the wonderful Byzantine mosaics. It will follow the Church of the Primate of Peter. Continue to the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus pronounced the famous “Sermon on the Mount” (Celebration of the Eucharist). Church visit and panoramic view. Lunch. Afternoon visit to Canaan, place of the first miracle of Jesus. Proceed to Nazareth. Visit of the Basilica and Grotto of the Annunciation (Celebration of the Eucharist) and Church of St Joseph. At the end return to the hotel in Tiberias. Dinner and accommodation.

Breakfast at the hotel and trip to the border. After, entering Jordanian territory and passage through Amman and proceed to Petra. Lunch along the trip at a convenient time. Stops to visit Madaba, place with a significant Christian population. A mosque in the city of Madaba, 30 km from Amman, the capital of Jordan, was named after Jesus Christ. Madaba is known as a city of mosaics, for the richness of its remnants of the Byzantine Era, around the 5th century. Now it has also become a symbol of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence between the population. Among the architectural riches preserved in the city, the floor of the Greek-Orthodox basilica of San Giorgio stands out, this basilica conserves the first map of Palestine with the biblical places, conceived in the 6th Century. Mount Nebo. From here, in the 12th century BC, Moses saw the “Promised Land” and died here as well. Visit to its Monastery and the archaeological ruins that display the floor of mosaics representing scenes of hunting and shepherding, found in a small church built by the first Christians in the 4th century). Arrival in Petra at the end of the day. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel. Then visit to the ancient capital of Nabateus, currently recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Situated between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, in the middle of the mountain massif, this city welcomed the Nabataean people who, according to biblical accounts, also dominated Damascus. The visit begins with a ride on mules or horses (gentle), followed by the “Siq”, a narrow throat formed by huge cliffs. Gradually we reach the mysteries of the “Rose-Red City,” set in stone, with its spectacular Treasure Chamber, Tombs of Kings, sacrificial sites and boreal chambers. Lunch. In the afternoon we will cross two borders (Jordan / Israel / Egypt) traveling to Sinai. Dinner, accommodation and accommodation at the hotel.

At dawn, optional possibility of climbing the mountain where, at the top, it will be possible to admire the sunrise. For centuries, pilgrims have climbed Gebel Musa (Mount Moses or Mount Sinai) to visit the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Some make this climb so they can enjoy the spectacular view of the mountain while others seek a more spiritual experience. Mount Moses, 2,285 meters above sea level, can be climbed by two paths. The easiest (and longest) is a camel ride and takes about three hours. The other, known as Sikkat Sayyidna Musa (Path of our Lord Moses) takes 90 minutes but is much more tiring because you have to climb the steep 3750 steps of Repentance carved by the monks. Descent from the Mount and breakfast. Visit to Deir Santa Katerina (Santa Catarina Monastery). At the foot of Mount Moses is the impressive Greek-Orthodox monastery, from the sixth century, of the Christian martyr St. Catherine of Alexandria, erected at the site of the Burning Bush. In 337 CE the Byzantine Empress Helena built a chapel over the Burning Bush which had already attracted many pilgrims and hermits. Later, Emperor Justinian enlarged and fortified it in the sixth century. There are currently around 20 monks living there, most of them from Mount Athos, Greece. The entrance to the Monastery is a small gate on the huge granite walls next to the tower of Kléber. To the right is the Fountain of Moses, where the prophet met his future wife Zippora, while to the left we find a square where there is a thorny bush, a stake of the Burning Bush (the original is inside the chapel). In the Basilica of Santa Catarina the entrance is made by the admirable original doors of cedar wood. This granite structure has 12 magnificent pillars for each month of the year, all decorated with the image of a saint (the visit is subject to specific authorization for this purpose). Lunch. Afternoon trip to the Dead Sea, already in Israel.

Breakfast at the hotel. If the weather allow, free time to enjoy the medicinal waters of the Dead Sea in the lowest place in the world. Then visit to Qumran, the city of the Essenes where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Continue to Bethany, visiting the Church of Martha and Mary. Lunch on the way. Entrance through Herod’s Gate to Via Dolorosa. Starting at Litostrotos - Courtyard of the old Antonina fortress where was the Pretorium of Poncius Pilatus. Chapel of Doom. Continue along the Via Dolorosa until you reach Calvary and the Holy Sepulcher. Celebration of the Eucharist. Cross the eastern market and exit through the Jaffa Gate. Transfer to hotel. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, departure to the Esplanade of the Mosques, place of the ancient Temple, with the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque. Visit to the Wailing Wall and the archaeological excavations of the Temple. We will continue to the Davidson and Mount Zion Center, to the Cenacle (where Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with his disciples), the tomb of King David and the Basilica of the Dormition (built on the place of the Dormition of Mary, in whose crypt is also its image at rest). Lunch. In the afternoon, departure towards Bet Sahur, where you can see the Field of Shepherds with their caves and Bethlehem. Visit of the Basilica of the Nativity, built on the Grotto of Birth; Grotto of St. Joseph and St. Jeronimo. Celebration of the Eucharist. At the end, return to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel and departure for a visit to the Mount of Olives, full of evangelical memories: place of the Ascension (small octagonal tabernacle where Jesus ascension to the heavens is remembered) the enclosure of Pater Noster (inside the plates with the Lord’s Prayer in more than 100 languages). Contemplation of the Holy City from the top of the hill. Celebration of the Eucharist. Drive to the Franciscan chapel of Dominus Flevit and Gethsemane: Basilica of the Agony (or Nations) and Olive Garden, continuation to the Museum of Israel to visit the Sanctuary of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls and model in the second temple time are exposed. Lunch. Afternoon visit of the village of Ein Karen - place of the Birth of John the Baptist. Visit of the Shrine of the Visitation of Mary (place where Our Lady pronounced the Magnificat) and Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Dinner at the hotel. Then, in a time to be announced, transportation to Tel Aviv airport. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

DAY 10
After breakfast at the hotel transfer to Tel Aviv airport. Formalities and departure in regular flight to Portugal, switching plane in Istanbul. Arrival in Lisbon.


  • Grande Turismo bus throughout the circuit;
  • Visits and accommodation regime according to the program;
  • Guide on all visits;
  • Travel assistance insurance.


  • Supplement for single room;
  • Tourist taxes;
  • Everything that is not mentioned as included in the program.

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