General Conditions


The technical organization of these trips is the responsibility of VEFA TRAVEL - VIAGENS E TURISMO UNIPESSOAL Lda with headquarters in Lugar de Vila Verde- 4920-112 Reboreda - Vila Nova de Cerveira, Taxpayer Tax nº 503 917 125, with Registered Capital of 249,398.94 €, enrolled in the Commercial Registry of Vila Nova de Cerveira under no. 349 and with RNAVT No. 2238.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The organizing agency acts as an agent of transport companies, hotels and other service providers, and can not be held liable for damages, accidents, delays, irregularities, theft, loss, alterations or deficiencies that may occur in services, persons or baggage while traveling; the non-provision of a constant service of the programs, for reasons beyond our control, only gives the customer the right to demand the reimbursement of the value of the unused service; during the trip, the non-use of services that are voluntarily dispensed by the client; all luggage and possessions travel at the risk and expense of the passenger, and the operator can not be held liable for loss, theft or damage that they may suffer during the journey.

MINIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: The performance of some trips depends on a minimum of 40 participants, without which VEFA TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel or change the trip, notifying the client in advance. In such a case, the customer agrees to be reimbursed only for the amount actually paid.

REGISTRATION: In the act of booking, an amount should be paid in the form of travel quotas, not considering any place compromised until the payment is complete. The remaining payment must be done up to 30 days before the date of departure. The trip will take place regardless of the weather, with a minimum of 30 participants. Minors will pay full fare.

PRICES INCLUDE: Everything mentioned in the program delivered to the client at the time of booking.

PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE: Travel documentation expenses. Meals not specified in each program. Drinks, laundries and other extras of a personal nature. Airport fees. Government fees. Hotel Taxes. Any other services that are not clearly specified in the programs.

COMPLAINTS: They can only be considered provided that they are submitted by writing to the agency where the reservation and settlement of the trip have been made and within a period of no more than 20 days after the end of the services rendered. They can only be accepted as long as they have been participated to the providers of the services (hotels, guides, local agents, etc.) during the course of the trip or stay, and require the corresponding documents proving the occurrence.

CHANGES TO THE PROGRAM: VEFA TRAVEL reserves the right to change the order of the route or to substitute any of the other hotels of the same category, in case of justified reasons, which the cliente will be informed about.

TRAVEL PRICES: Prices listed in the catalog may change depending on the departure zone or the time of year.

DOCUMENTATION: The client must have his / her personal or family documents in order (identity card / passport, military documentation, authorization for minors, certificate of vaccines and / or any other required documents). VEFA declines all responsibility for the refusal to grant visas or non-entry to the customer in a foreign country; in these cases, the conditions set out in the DISCLAIMERS clause apply, and the associated costs will be borne by the customer.

a) In the case of loose services, the client will pay the management and cancellation expenses when duly justified, with a stipulated cost of €10 per person.
b) In the case of tourist packages, it will pay the management expenses, cancellations stipulated at 10 € per person and a penalty that is 10% of the importance of the trip, if the cancellation occurs more than twenty days before the date, 25% if it occurs with less than 15 days, 50% between the tenth and the fourteenth day, 75% between the sixth and the ninth day and the total value of the trip if the annulment produces less of 5 days from the beginning of the same.
c) In the event that any of the services or tourist package is subject to special economic conditions of contracting such as freight of aircraft, ships, special tariffs, etc., cancellation expenses for abandonment will be established according to the agreed conditions between the two parties.

RENUNCIATION: If the client or any of his / her companions give up the trip, they will have to pay all the charges that the cancellation gives rise to and a percentage that can go up to 15% of the price of the trip. Where applicable, the customer will be reimbursed for the difference between the amount paid and the amounts referred to.

ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS: The registration of the passengers in the trip implies the total acceptance of all the established conditions.

PRESENTATION: For a good organization, we kindly ask the passengers to arrive with 30 minutes in advance to the time set for the departure. In general, the relationship between client and Agency is subject to the regulations in force in Travel Agencies. The parties expressly renouncing their own jurisdiction and domicile, if different, commit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Viana do Castelo.

In compliance with the law nº 144/2015 we inform that for the resolution of consumer disputes, clients must contact the arbitration committee of Turismo de Portugal at